To get shitty or get an attitude with someone. or to be bitter and pissed off, angry, especially when showing disrespect or after been disrespected or humiliated or getting fucked off
goddamnit dont get salty and ill with me mother fucker.
by anony309093093 March 29, 2010
he is so salty! i want him!
by meljar March 07, 2010
1. something that has salt in it

2. uncool, lame, loser-ish, stupid.
1. Pretzels are very salty when there from Aunt Annies.

2. Why are you acting so salty?

She felt as salty as can be when i tripped her in Biology.
by veronicadelilahrawrr January 23, 2010
to feel upset as a result of someone saying something or doing something to you; feeling upset and jealous as a result of something that has happened or will happen
"Dude, you suck at life."
"Come on man, that's just salty."
by aaaannnoonnnyymmmooouuusss January 14, 2010
In a basketball game, when a male player jumps up to shoot the ball and another player is waiting for the rebound, the guy shooting might rub his balls in the other man's face/mouth. This is similar to sucking the salt off of a peanut's shell, hence, salties.
Aaron: Yeah, but I feel bad for the other guy.
John: Why man?
Aaron: Did you see that?! He got some salties.
John: Sick dude.
by biggestdadddy December 07, 2009
Another word for sexy,hot,spicy,and cool. Usally decending from "Ghetto Places"
Damn Shy Girl and John you guys are so Salty!
by La Boom November 08, 2009
When a girl is interested and a guy and he says something that completely turns her off of him.

When you take a compliment given to you by a girl and agree with it but take it as an understatment so you blow out of way out of proportion.

If you get the reaction you want it is smooth, however if you get the opposite reaction it is salty
Girl walks up to a guy and says: "Hey nice shoes"
Guy says: "Ya there real expensive"
Girl says "Ok" and walks away quickly
Friend says to guy: That was so salty

I look over my friend's shoulder to see him sending a text that says "I'm in chem class right now" The reply is "Shouldn't you been paying attention right now?" His reply, "No, I don't need to pay attention cuz I'm really smart." She replys with the dismiss of "cool." I said, "wow dude, that was salty.
by Dong-Say-Ustin October 07, 2009

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