while in high school, dating or hooking up with someone more than 2 years younger than you
Amy: hey did you just hookup with that freshman?
Jenna(senior): who, john? yea?
Amy: dayyuuum jenna's salty!
by Shamwow January 20, 2013
Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
feeling stupid or dumb, embarrased
Boy: "hey whassup baby"
Girl: "Boy You ugly"
Boy: "Damn i feel salty ass hell"
by Choppssuey October 09, 2011
A person that is a sea creeper or pirate wannabe. They have weird grey salty wiskers and beard and usually wears big rain coats in the color of yellow, dark brown,navy, grey, or green. Salties need to eat seafood and go out to sea or saltwater at least everyweek. Usually you can find salties hanging around sea ports being creepers or out on their little fishing row boat. A salty is like the sea version of a carny and its best to avoid them as much as possible. Beware the salties.
Girl: Theres a salty! Run!
Salty: Uhh ih need to gut back to my rowboat, neeed lobster need saltwater
Girl: Eww look at his weird salty whiskers omg good hes going back to the ocean
Girl2: Such a pirate wannabe
by Ihatethosesalties August 01, 2011
Feeling speedy, buzzed, spun or otherwise high on bath salts.

Similar feeling of euphoric energy from small to moderate amount of coke.
Sober Suzy: "Hey um, so you wanna do something tonight? I'm bored"

Salty Sam: "Oh Hells yeah, I kinda wanna dance or go karaoke. Hey, let's walk to Drunken Crab for drunken karaoke and then go dancing!! And yeah, I'm so salty right now!!!
by Randishlego July 19, 2011
sexually appealing; arousing sexual interest or desire
Mmm, Evan Rachel Wood is looking pretty damn salty in the new season of True Blood.
someone who is extremely attractive and hot and sexy. usually refers to hot male surfers
John John Florence looked so salty in that picture.
by ilovesurf420 June 03, 2011

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