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Sohum is the epitome of greatness. Everyone loves a Sohum.
Guy 1: Why does no one like me?
Guy 2: cuz you're not like Sohum. Everybody loves Sohum.
by BallerBB October 12, 2011
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A silly boy who is capable of very foolish behavior; a lord of all douchebags; good at spelling
Wow, my history teacher is such a sohum. He failed me because i didn't spell Napoleon right.
by fancy pants October 27, 2012
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Sohum is the name for one of the biggest douchebags in the whole world. He is void of any feelings for his fellow man...It is best to stay away from Sohum otherwise you risk catching his apathy. He doesn't mean anything he says and keeps a fake group of friends around him. Allover, he's an asshole.
Example 1:

Girl 1: That boy is so cute!
Girl 2: Stay away from him, he's a Sohum.
Girl 1: Ewww what an asshole. He's going to be alone forever.

Example 2:

Guy: Dude, why are you being such a Sohum?
by Fuckingblunt November 26, 2010
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An absolute bitch. A person with a small dick. Someone who nobody likes because he is such a try hard to getting people to like him. Someone with the trashest hair ever.
Wow, he such a Sohum, so weird and stupid.
by MMSisBEST December 09, 2016
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So- Hum: Short for Southern Humboldt, and is the southern half of Humboldt County located in northern California. Used to explain an area of the County were some of the worlds Best Weed is grown and is one of three county's that make up the Emerald Triangle with Trinity and Mendocino County's being the other two. Has mostly rolling grass hills with Oak, Madrone and fir trees dominating the landscape, with several forks of the Eel River running through it from south to north one of the few rivers in the world that runs south to north.
1. " Im heading down to So-Hum tomorrow" or " I brought back some killer So-Hum to puff on"

2. " Im from So-Hum Cali"
by Cnote707 July 18, 2011
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