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A Clara is a girl of smarts, integrity, and humor. She is a specimen to behold, for she is a person with the most fun, loveable, and easy to be around qualities. Her best friend loves her to death and back.
"Well, damnnn. That Clara brightened my day again."
by yo, kiddo! January 07, 2009
A Clara is an intelligent girl who is ALWAYS right. So listen to her. And she is sexy sexy sexy and is ALWAYS right. Listen to her cuz she's got a lot to say. No other girl is hotter than a Clara and she's got BAYOOTAFUL eyes. A Clara knows that everyone else is inferior so SHUT UP and stare when she talks to you. If she talks to you. She loves to party and she dances until the night's been gone for two days.
"A Clara's here? Woohoo! Let's PARTAY!!!"
by babalooey February 04, 2010
The name Clara is usaully given to a very attractive female. A beautiful blonde haired girl. With stunning eyes. Most girls envy a Clara, but boys can't stay away from her. She is usually very shy and timid, but kind when you get to know her. A Clara is not a whore/slut/skank at all. She is probably one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.
Wow, that girl is a real Clara!
by kayyyllliinn June 20, 2010
The word ''clara'' means a beautiful person who has an amazing sense of humour. One who is always there for you and cheers you up by just smiling. One who can light up the room regardless of how dark it is. Clara is one whom you can love for ages because a Clara is just too special to lose. A clara has the best eyes and the best hair. If you are called Clara, you are indeed very, very lucky.
The moment I saw her, I knew she was a Clara
by Clarat<3 February 26, 2014
Beautiful blue eyed girl. Mostly shy, but energetic once you get to know her. If you have a Clara as a friend, she will stick by your side and always support you.
Guy: Clara has a nice butt
by tbhonestbruhhh November 24, 2014
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