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Saline, most commonly mispronounced as Say-leen. It is a rather small town where nothing big ever happens, and the rich all thrive. It is mostly over run with the pinky raising upperclass type of people. The schools are over filled with kids, and the teachers are constantly bugging for you to bring in paper cause the budget is gone. The roads in the country part of Saline are nothing but pot holes, and the biggest event in history at the new high school is Evactuation '05. Teachers and officials all said there was nothing that caused it, but the students all know better then that. Basically, if you can live anywhere but Saline, do it.
A2 kid: Wow. Lets go somewhere.
Saline kid: How about Saline?
A2 kid: No way that place is so boring.
Saline kid: Yeah good point. Saline blows.
by Bobbie DesMarais April 11, 2006
93 45
A town outside of Ann Arbor which is dominated by conservatives and farmers. Even with the liberal college town right next the majority of the people are rich white conservative tools. The actual town has a small strip of life where a McDonalds, Wendy's and the Drowsy Parrot a popular coffee shop can be found. And the school system is in dept after building a huge but boring new highschool.
Bill: Theres nothing to do here
Bob: Lets go to Ann Arbor, Saline sucks
by Part1san November 28, 2005
54 55
Saline is a suburb of Ann Arbor, and is a farm city. Everyone in Saline is nice and love each other. It's the best city to be in, and where the smartest people are.
Guy 1: Dude, SALINE SUCKS!
Harvard Graduate: I grew up in Saline
Some random pretty girl: Yeah, Saline is the best place in the world!
by Guava Juice September 07, 2011
10 22