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Ma nigga
Salty is ma nigga
by neega123 May 24, 2012
123 132
he is so salty! i want him!
by meljar March 07, 2010
30 39
to feel upset as a result of someone saying something or doing something to you; feeling upset and jealous as a result of something that has happened or will happen
"Dude, you suck at life."
"Come on man, that's just salty."
by aaaannnoonnnyymmmooouuusss January 14, 2010
4 13
Another word for sexy,hot,spicy,and cool. Usally decending from "Ghetto Places"
Damn Shy Girl and John you guys are so Salty!
by La Boom November 08, 2009
17 26
To be dirty, and a perv, or a perverted phrase, action, or movement.
Mackie is so salty.
by G33K3D^ September 29, 2009
1 10
When u look dumb, or feel embarrassed. Basicly another term for "Neck" with out actually having too touch da person
Wow he just fell in da mall. Now i know hes feeln mad Salty
by TeddyRal333 August 02, 2009
13 22
GHB user. Salt water--Gamma Hydrox
She's salty tonight. You're toooo salty tonight
by Realsmug May 22, 2004
3 12
When something sucks; An unfortunate situation.
Your car got stolen? Salty...
by Nick August 24, 2003
12 21