The sweetest guy anyone will ever meet. Not only are Ryan's super attractive, he is also super kind, funny and caring. He has sexy abs and a wicked cute face. If you ever meet a Ryan on't let him go. All Ryan's are like different versions of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gossling.
Alexis: Ugh he's cute, funny, sweet, sexy, smart kdjaskldj...I love him.

Katie: he sounds like a total Ryan

Alexis: he is:
by Billy Fridays December 01, 2011
An amazing guy who is tall, with blonde hair, and the most gorgeous blue eyes that anyone has ever seen. He always knows your tickle spots. He is a bit shy at first, but outgoing once you get to know him. He's romantic and loves to snuggle on the couch with a girl when he watches a movie. His favorite color is black. He is the best kisser. He sometimes does things for no reason and has a hard time admitting he's done something wrong, but when he comes around, it's worth it. If you find one, KEEP HIM. It will be worth it.
"Who is that amazingly sexy guy over there?"

"Duh! It's Ryan!"
by PinkPanther13 December 22, 2011
Ryan's are known for their crazy, funny, outgoing personalities. They are very sweet and cute and always make you smile. Ryan's are very likable people. With their shiny black hair and sweet asian eyes, it is not possible to dislike a Ryan. They attract girls like bees to honey. They may come across as players but when they find their special girl they stay true. They like to have fun and are very flirtacious. Sometimes they can be very confusing and can send mix messages. Ryan's tend to be very good kissers and give the best hugs in the world. If you ever meet a Ryan makefriends with them and keep them close because if you ever lose a ryan you will never be able to forgive yourself.
"whos that smexy beast with all those girls all over him?"

"oh thats soo ryan"

"i wish i was ryan"
by 1Dgirlies May 26, 2012
The luckiest hottest guy in the world for having someone as amazing as the girl he has, he doesnt know how he got her, but he did, and it makes him really happy and reallly reallyy lucky because he gets to snuggle her tomorrow. and who knows.....shit happens :)
Ryan really really likes B.B.H
by lover boy 97 July 04, 2011
A young man who can commonly be seen with Gingers from Europe.
I heard Ryan is dating that red-head.
by Smerious December 10, 2010
A guy who really cares. He'll take his time to show you, and he won't be upfront about his feelings... At first. When he finally grows a pair and tells you how he feels, he'll mean more to you than anyone else. He's the kind of guy that makes you feel special. He has brown hair and glistening brown eyes. He's tall, lanky, and gives amazing hugs. Ryan is the kind of guy you could spend the rest of your life with and be happy.
When Ryan looks at me, I get butterflies because I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.
by WhoopDEWhoop September 10, 2013
A nice guy that wants you to think that he is an asshole
Ryan bought his coworker her favorite candy, even though he tells her he's an asshole.
by kadobbles June 11, 2015
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