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Someone who is very easy to talk to, has a sense of humor, and knows a lot. He can either be your best friend or your enemy. He can be really nice or he can be a real jerk. Gets defensive sometimes. Has a few close friends, and a few that he's lost because of stupid things. He is great with getting people to like him, he's very cute. He's nice, sweet, funny, outgoing, and very handsome.
I was talking with Ryan earlier, he is soooo sweet! My god he's so cute too, it's amazing how easy it is to talk to him!
18 9
the kind of person who never stops talking. You sometimes wish you could slap him, but you love him anyways. He eats everything he can gets his hands on. All in all, he is a very kind human being.
Girl: Ryan, shut the hell up.
by alycatluvszeganja May 08, 2011
21 12
A young man who can commonly be seen with Gingers from Europe.
I heard Ryan is dating that red-head.
by Smerious December 10, 2010
24 15
The kind-of guy you can't live without. He makes you happier than any other guy. He's funny and has a smile that rocks your world. The day you meet him you feel that spark. He always looks to the bright side of things and when he loves a girl, he means it. He wouldn't hurt a girl on purpose, ever. Yes, he makes mistakes. Yes, he'll make you mad but forgive him! He's one of a kind. Letting a guy like that go would be crazy. He's perfect. They have the prettiest eyes that could make you fall over. Their smile is the only thing you need to make you feel good inside. They are always sweet to girls and fall for girls that start with an H.(; They will always tell you how they feel and they hate to let you go. If they fall for you, they FALL for you, catch them. ryan is PERFECTION.
I love Ry!
ryan is the best.
by haleyyy3 January 19, 2013
11 3
Ryan is nicest guy, but gets picked on way to much, if you know a Ryan don't be douche-bag to him, he is a cool guy if your friends with him your lucky. girls that know a Ryan hes a weirdo nice and is a very good friends but. he can get angry so teach him how to not get angry when some picks on this nerd
Ryan gives good advice


can get angry a lot
by blackpen December 28, 2010
29 22
Ryans are normally blonde and are known by girls as "adorable". their relationships are best with girls named amber and the relationships last for a long time. ryans are sweet, funny, and are very fun to be around! their the life of the party! if your a ryan and you ever meet an amber you should deffinitly get to know her!
wow that guys so sweet and funny! HES SUCH A RYAN!
by kyra12335 November 08, 2010
22 15
Ryan's are known for their crazy, funny, outgoing personalities. They are very sweet and cute and always make you smile. Ryan's are very likable people. With their shiny black hair and sweet asian eyes, it is not possible to dislike a Ryan. They attract girls like bees to honey. They may come across as players but when they find their special girl they stay true. They like to have fun and are very flirtacious. Sometimes they can be very confusing and can send mix messages. Ryan's tend to be very good kissers and give the best hugs in the world. If you ever meet a Ryan makefriends with them and keep them close because if you ever lose a ryan you will never be able to forgive yourself.
"whos that smexy beast with all those girls all over him?"

"oh thats soo ryan"

"i wish i was ryan"
by 1Dgirlies May 26, 2012
11 5