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A man who loves to rape women, but can't because they all want to have sex with him of their own will. Every guy hates him, but only because they're really jealous of him.
Ryan: Bend over. I'm gonna rape you.
Girl: Okay.
Ryan: No, this is rape! You can't agree to it!

Girl: Have you see Ryan today? He looks really hot.
Girl's boyfriend: I'm going to kill him!
by A_random_person July 13, 2010
Generally really motivated, but usually if it only benefits himself. He cares a lot about ones that he loves and keeps his woman inline. Huge heart full of feelings and tend to have a lot of man periods. Love sex. Loves love. Loves food. Very attractive and doesn't even know it. He will try his hardest to impress people. Can also have a hard time accepting others he doesn't know very well or knows too well. When he can trust someone and get comfortable he's not not afraid to show his goofy, boy side, and will tell you all his secrets, insecurities, and anything that is on his mind.
Person 1-Did you hear about Ryan?

Person2- yeah he reminds me of my brother.
by Sleekyogurt May 27, 2014
A perfect guy who treats his woman like a princess. He always makes sure she's happy and makes sure she knows that she's his everything.
Ryan treats Danyka like she's his everything.
by Moi, une persone. December 01, 2013
Awesome, funny, and kind guy who is shy at times but is never afraid to speak his mind about anything but girls. He love sports and likes this one special girl.
The most amazing guy in the entire world. Hes super funny and will always be there for you. Is insanely adorable and funny. Tends to be scared to fall in love but when he does, you better keep him. If you're in need, he'll help cheer you up and will always be there to listen to you. An amazing friend and will always make you smile. You will never be able to get him off your mind and will fall in love with him quickly. Be careful though because he seeks adrenaline but will always put you first
A kid in band named ryan
by dontaskformynamestalker October 27, 2013
Ryan is the sweetest guy ever. He's always happy and sweet to everyone around him. He's very mature and keeps a lot in. Ryan is well-known and has tons of friends there for him. Although he gets used and hurt a lot, he doesn't let that change how much he cares about people. Nothing can make him turn even slightly cold hearted. It's just not in him to do so. His personality is beautiful and endless. Which is why he's able to get along with so many people, along with being the understanding guy that he is. Ryan respects everyone who deserves it. He's patient, kind, and always willing to help a friend out any way he can. But Ryan does have his limit, and he'll show it. He needs love. Love him with your all, and he'll give you his all. He's also very passionate when it comes to doing what he loves. Such as BABYING his new amazing car, artwork, and occasionally playing piano. All in all, Ryan's just a simple, good person.

He looooovvveeesss Savannah. So don't try to get with him. Cause he's hers. Point blank. Period. She loves him too. With all the broken pieces left of her heart.
"Oh look it's Ryan! He's such a great guy!"
by Leedle Lee June 21, 2013
The most kind person ever. He is sweet. Once he sets his mind on something, he has to go get it. He tries his hardest to never hurt you. He loves passionately and recklessly. He's unselfish and and will do anything to make you happy. He's great at sports and understands what it means to be there for someone. He's the type of person that will end up with everything and more he's ever wanted in life.
Oh look at Ryan, he's such a cool kid.
by kattyjay January 13, 2013