The best boyfriend ever!!! He has a good sense of humor and never admits it, but he can be really sweet. He cares a lot about his friends, although he doesn't show it much.
Ryan is so awesome! He just gave me skittles!
by LaDisputer May 11, 2011
A guy you could always rely on, The most sweetest and gentle person out their, The guy that you could always tell things to. He is the best guy out their to be with. So girls if you ever find a Ryan and hook up with him. Never let him go. Keep him close to your heart forever and always <3
I love you Ryan <3

Girl: Is Ryan your Boyfriend?
Me: Hes more than that, hes my Soul Mate <3~
Girl: Damn! Your so lucky!
by Sammie Autobee March 22, 2012
An amazing guy who is tall, with blonde hair, and the most gorgeous blue eyes that anyone has ever seen. He always knows your tickle spots. He is a bit shy at first, but outgoing once you get to know him. He's romantic and loves to snuggle on the couch with a girl when he watches a movie. His favorite color is black. He is the best kisser. He sometimes does things for no reason and has a hard time admitting he's done something wrong, but when he comes around, it's worth it. If you find one, KEEP HIM. It will be worth it.
"Who is that amazingly sexy guy over there?"

"Duh! It's Ryan!"
by PinkPanther13 December 22, 2011
Ryan is incredible. there are no words to describe him. just looking at him will make you go insane. when you stare into his eyes, you become lost. he will make the most shy girls go out of their way just to get him to notice them. almost every girl he knows loves him. if you have the oppritunity to be his girl, take it. if you dont, you will live a life of sadness and regret. be careful with him though, he could easily crush your soul and hurt you horribly. seeing him with another girl will break your heart. take the chance while you have it. dont let his love go to another girl. it will hurt you every single day.
"Do you like Ryan?"
(lying) "No..."
"Well I heard he's gonna ask you out"
"I will say no..."

Two days later, he will hear about it and ask another girl out.
by boycrazy<3 December 19, 2011
The sweetest guy anyone will ever meet. Not only are Ryan's super attractive, he is also super kind, funny and caring. He has sexy abs and a wicked cute face. If you ever meet a Ryan on't let him go. All Ryan's are like different versions of Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gossling.
Alexis: Ugh he's cute, funny, sweet, sexy, smart kdjaskldj...I love him.

Katie: he sounds like a total Ryan

Alexis: he is:
by Billy Fridays December 01, 2011
A young man who can commonly be seen with Gingers from Europe.
I heard Ryan is dating that red-head.
by Smerious December 10, 2010
The most amazing guy in the world. He will always go out of his way to make you smile. Best Hug's EVER. He is kind and caring and is able to talk to anything in your life about and will always be there with you even when everyone walk's out on your life. He is my best friend in the whole wide world and nothing will ever change that. I love when you hold my hand and when you make me smile without even trying. I hope your reading this because deep down i think I might even be falling for you. :)
you- What's wrong?

me: I talked to Ryan about it everything's better
by sunshine2015 January 13, 2012

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