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Vinyl record
Often Promo Copy or EP (Extended Play)
Can perform 33 or 45 rpm
diggin' the 12" crates...
by Gaspacho March 23, 2004
A common example that a male will use to describe the size of his organ of copulation in higher vertebrates. Usually, the subject referring to this term has a maximum penis size of a tic-tac; if he's lucky.
1. I have a twelve inch penis.
2. Suck on my twelve inch penis.
3. That's nothing compared to my twelve inch penis.
4. My twelve inch penis would blow yours out of the water.
by fjeer May 03, 2003
1) a laptop built by apple computer: the 12inch powerbook g4
2) a huge penis, like 12inches long (about 30 cm)

with both you can reach G4 power fuck
1) i use my 12inch all day long, it's a perfect companion for my digitally enhanced lifestyle. it's a 12incher
2) i use my 12inch all night long, it's a perfect companion for my sexually enhanced lifestyle. it's a 12incher
by mahal.himself August 07, 2006
Giving a lady a hard-time in order to make her feel satisfied.
When I dropped my bird off last night she said "Give me 12 inches and hurt me"
So I stuck it in her 4 times and slammed her tit in the car door!
by Neil H May 26, 2004
when a penis is quit big and lovely
full and Voluptuous
jelle: i can only be friends with people who have big penises
conner: why?
jelle: so i can have some BIG fun
conner: well then mine is a 12 inch
by Hannie_man August 29, 2006
Wen there is more than enough for any man.
(I iz talkin' about de bannana area)
i am a greasy wog
de women: rob has such a humungous bannana
Rob: Yes i do
by Robert Pearson August 29, 2003
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