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Ryan is the sweetest person you could ever meet. He'll put a huge smile on your face even when you're not together. He is the love of my life, my one and only, my boyfriend, and my best friend. I couldn't ask for a better man in my life.<3
He's her Ryan.
My boyfriend is such a Ryan, I love him.
by brb,and,rms May 13, 2014
The sweetest, kindest guy anyone could ever imagine. His name means "little king" which he is. He is royalty and deserves the throne- of cuteness! He is really funny and loves girls who are pure! Ryans' will often change their minds to be like others- so watch out 4 that! Other then that- they are perfect gentlemen! If you find a Ryan in your life- never let him go- you need to be kind- like a Katie! She would be a perfectly pure girl for a Ryan- and a great "little queen"! Ryans' tend to be brilliant, too!
(Katie) "He's so dreamy- no wonder he's a Ryan!"
(Girl 1) "I know- right?
(Girl 2) I wish he was my little king!
by Kitty298 January 03, 2014
Someone enjoys crouching into a ball like a watermelon and rolling down streets
Guy: dude did you just ryan down a hill
Other guy: of course I did!
Guy: alright!
by hfgkfbjjk April 19, 2013
He's a very sweet guy. He's got blue eyes like his momma and ambition like his daddy. You'll fall for his smile in an instant. He'll always be there for you. & if you're his girlfriend he'll tell you you're his angel and treat you like one too. He loves his family, football, and the beach. He rides motocross and his birthday is probably in the summertime. He's tan, tall, and fit. He gives the greatest hugs & you won't regret meeting him.
Ryan is probably the nicest guy I've ever met.
by his ex girlfriend. December 01, 2012
A Ryan can usually be found at the local dive bar with a cue stick in one hand and a Corona in the other. They like to make friends and hang out with people, but sometimes they prefer to be alone. Ryans are a paradox; they are extremely outgoing, but they harbor a deep loathing for humanity. If a Ryan has a girlfriend, she will be amazing and not at all passive-aggressive.

Ryans are cocky bastards who refuse to be wrong about anything, and don't like to be told what do.

But all in all, Ryans are an okay bunch of fellas who just need a good swift kick every now and then.
See that guy over there holding the cue stick and downing his eighth Corona? Yeah, that's Ryan.
by Sonsypants August 11, 2011
A really good looking guy that is hilarious and can have a good laugh anytime. He is cocky and show-off but that is the funniest thing about him. Ryan is the type of person that all boys want to know and all girls want to love.
"Check it out! It's Ryan"
"How can Ryan get any more good looking!"
"He is the funniest of guys"
by DefinitionDicitonary June 27, 2014
EXTREMELY dirty minded and doesn't know when to stop talking ,good friend but can't always be trusted and can be a total dick
R u meeting ryan

Be careful
by cherry,Tyler,1810 January 26, 2014