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Guy With a Giant Penis, very loving, awesome to hang out with, great sense of humor, and is a real ladies man
Ryan can get any chick in the bar
by zxcvbnm1234 April 28, 2011
25 8
The love of my life. Someone that is willing to do anything for the girl he loves and that often times doesn't speak up in time to save himself the heartbreak of losing the girl that meant the most to him. Definitely someone worth giving everything to and showing off to everyone. The one that got away. 27
Ryan, I'm your girl... I will always be your girl.
by YourFirefly September 14, 2010
48 33
Someone who is sweet and welcoming. He is really funny, and silly, so has a good sense of humor. Likes to joke around. Also has nice eyes.
by Anonymous, Urban Dictionary January 07, 2012
18 4
A tall, athletic guy with not TOO much to say. Plays baseball, basketball, football, just about anything & succeeds at all! Very attractive & good looking, so he could be considered a flirt, which doesnt surprise much for his brown hair and olive toned complexion. Very loved by many, including his girlfriend(:
'Oh have you meet Ryan? He is super cool!'
by yeopeyeoe May 04, 2010
50 36
a smart, and atheltic boy... he is very very attractive..has amazing arms and looks amazing in everything..can be a smart ass but nobody notices because he makes it funny...extremely popular..and very very very athletic.. probably can play any sport and excel at it especially football...
girl 1: look at ryan today he looks fine
girl 2: yes he does sooo hottt
by jenn32132 May 16, 2011
22 9
The best boyfriend ever!!! He has a good sense of humor and never admits it, but he can be really sweet. He cares a lot about his friends, although he doesn't show it much.
Ryan is so awesome! He just gave me skittles!
by LaDisputer May 11, 2011
22 10
He is notjust another guy. Ryan is so hot he will make your heart stop beating and it will fall to your feet. He is insanely funny, and whenever he laughs, you want to laugh too. He is fiercly protective of anything he loves, whether it be a person or an object. He will stand up for people, and never backs down from something. His eyes are so amazing, you will never forget them. Once you glance into his gaze, you will see evrything he's been thorugh and how much he cares. Ryan is sensetive, athletic, and competitive. Although he has girls from everywhere waiting for him to just look at them, he does not take advantage of them. He says what he feels, and can be deeply hurt easily. You will fall under his spell in one day, if not, less. Ryan is a great guy, and he will be remembered and loved forever.
GIRL ONE: omg did you see that gorgeous guy! I need to get his number!!
GIRL TWO: You just met Ryan didn't you? Sadly, there is a waiting list for his number. I'm on it and I'm getting pretty close to the front- number 176. But he is such an amazing guy!!
by 01001010010000001001100010011 February 25, 2013
13 2