Jewish in Brooklyn, NY (Brighton Beach) or in Israel, etc. but born a Russian-speaker in the former USSR (Soviet Jews). Most of these "Russians" speak Russian among themselves. Most Russian stores, Russian newspapers, Russian restaurants, etc. in America are in fact Jewish-owned and operated in the interests of Jewish immigrants living outside the former Soviet Union. They love ethnic Russian food, read their news about Israel in Russian, watch their Brooklyn-based TV in Russian, etc. Not to be confused with real Russians.
An American asks a group of people who speak with an accent: Are you German? (Italian? Albanian?...) No, we are Russian, they answer.
Wow! How did you get to America?
Our family was persecuted in Russia because we are Jewish.
Oh, OK.

Also: Clueless Russian President Putin addressing former Soviet emigres on his visit to Israel: "Fellow compatriots... "

Also: "My grandparents/parents came from Russia..." - This usually means they were Jewish.

Also: "Russian Mafia" - Mostly Soviet-born Jews who speak Russian. More proper to call it the Red Mafia.

by The Smudge April 28, 2007
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A fascinating language spoken by nearly 300 million people worldwide. It is somewhat difficult to pick up because of its six noun cases, but it is the vehicle of one of the world's richest and most beautiful literatures. Much harder than Spanish but more interesting.
Whoa, this Russian grammar book sure is hard!
by shroomcracker December 18, 2004
sex in which a man places his penis between a woman's breasts and jerks himself off with them
"I did a Russian on that girl over there with the huge boobs."
by yermomma138 January 17, 2005
An accent you can do to prevent yourself from getting mugged in a dark alley.
Muggers say "Do you know what neighborhood you're in buddy?!?"

Russian guy says with heavy accent "You tink dis bad neighburhood?"

*muggers back away*
by AlligatorIsHungry >".=.> July 27, 2010
a person whos origin is northeastern europe, and most likely has a name like:
Sasha (Alex)
etc etc.....
usually yells to others very loud in russian, and many of them smoke, drink, and smoke up
i was just kidding...i gots lotsa russian friends!!!
by lalalalalaaa December 02, 2003
a person who is born anywere in the world, but has Russian blood. usually blue eyes, light brown hair...very strong, and very strong drinkers. good, loyal friends--but run fast if you piss them off. great scientists, chess players, and hockey players. Men are real fighters and will not give up at anything. Russian girls seem to be very desirable, check out Mel Gibson's new wife.
i'm russian and proud to be one!
by ru!!!!! February 12, 2010
"Russians don't get drunk. They get tough." ~ Learned Person
My Russian friend was kidding himself. He was very much drunk. And not very tough at all.
by JStot June 13, 2007
2.Treat Vodka like water
3.One of the world most reknown mafias
4.Sport is hockey
by THC July 11, 2003

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