A person who is born in the vast and great country of Russia. Known for being theives, drunks and soccer hooligans. Bar-fights are a national sport. Second place is the who-can-drink-more vodka-before-passsing-out competition.
Passport Control: Hey man where ya from?
Blonde Guy: (with heavy accent) Hello, I am Russian :)
Passport Control: Hey man back off!!! You cant have my wallet!! >:(
by Lex Russian May 17, 2008
are people who are some way from russia.

they are very proud of thier culture. they are rude, and in many ways weird people. they all have orgies together and talk about you in their language.
the teen age girls are stuck up and snobs with an attitude,
the dudes seem to be cool,
and they are all on crack.
my little school has like 10 russians and they all bang each other and are weird
by mmachs yeah March 27, 2009
Russians do have the balls to say what they think. Of course, this used to get them killed under the Stalin regime.
Russians, like all people, voice their opinions.
by Diggity Monkeez December 14, 2004
adj; a word of, interestingly, english background;
- as in male: smart, intelligent; the one that never attended any of the lectures in college but still has gotten a nice solid B; person that can tell you wtf War and Peace is all about and wtf are the antibodies;
- as in female: strikingly beautiful, intelligent, but with an awful attitude, the one that can play Diablo and drink vodka better than her twin brother.
-Hey have you seen that russian that has never attended a lecture?

-Yeah hes pretty drunk and just solved the Bermud triangle.
by Mellie April 25, 2004
is a person with a high taste for vodka, weed, cars, music, and guns. president is V Putin who has like a black belt in martial arts and is an ex KGB officer.
ex KGb officer? well our president bush knows how to ride a horse and choked on a pretsle.
ponili suki? ne trogaiti rossiu a to bleayt vseh so bombim.
by cema August 21, 2004
Im Dane n im Russian cause im frum Russia n cause i:
can drink every alcohol
can smoke all da weed
like ta fite
luv money
H8 chinyz n almost all arabz
need a gun to live
hate wankstaz
my every word iz blya(fuck) idinahuy suka zlaebuchaya(fuck of stupid bitch muthafukka) sasi huy(sukk dikk) n many other good wordz.
I think u dont need ta know more.
Russian Mafia iz cumin 4 ya.
by Lil_Dane April 22, 2007
People from the nation of Russia. There are currently 200,000,000 people around the world who could identify themselves as Russians. Russians have made great strides in the fields of literature, science and math, and of course, military technology. The Russians are traditionally very stubborn, very fierce, and very resourceful. Unlike what others might tell you, Russian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. Russian is also a great language because it has an interesting alphabet.
Dont fuck with the motherland!
by Not so super DJ Gennady February 17, 2003

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