getting drunk on vodka
I've got a fifth of Popov and I'm about to get russian
by J. April 02, 2003
Of, pertaining to or being illegal, amoral or generally below-board.

Not as a slur against the country or people of Russia, but more to do with the great online cut-price MP3 e-stores emanating from Russia (see, etc...)
P: Mate, check it out, I got some proper russian DVDs down the car-boot sale.
T: Screeners or DVDRips?
P: Rips
T: Ossome.

J: If you've ordered the game, why don't you just download it and play a russian copy til it arrives?
A: I can't! I feel dirty....
by Peanutismint December 09, 2007
verb: taking two hits in a row of weed
"you ain't from russia, so bitch why you russian?" pimp juice
by mnboarderchick December 01, 2004
If in the USA, an immigrant who drinks lots of vodka, wears flashy jewelery, fake leather jackets, curses at you in Russian during arguments, and (if male) generally has a crewcut. Typically spends 4 days a week drinking and 3 days a week hungover.

If male: Has a weird name, such as "Ivan" or "Arkady". Works in construction. Plays good chess.

If female: Has HUGE tits, yet still wears a push-up bra, which almost makes up for her attitude problem. Almost.
-"That Russian chick is stacked to high heaven!"
-"No doubt, my friend. Gimme a glass o' her fresh squeezed breast milk."
by corcan June 11, 2006
-says "blyat" before starting every sentance
-ends sentances with "nahuy"
-parents stay up in the kitchen with their friends drinking...later than youll stay up in your whole life.
-eat;kapusta,kapchonka,perog s makam, borsh, salad olivye, and ookrayeenskiy tort.
-guys have bad acne
-wear crosses too much if they are a rooskey
-get kicked out of the jcc
-dont go to temple anymore
-see a friend at a store cohoes.
-never look for anything thats not on sale/ clearance
-buy 5 dollar tops and then try to get a discount because there is a mark/rip on the shirt.....
-purposly look for clothes or marks on stuff that they can fix when they come home and still get a discount for
-buy something, replace it, and use the old tag from the old thing
-like to go to disco-techs....even if they are 50.
-go to gayass new years celebrations at some russian restaraunt or apartment party house with an old russian guy singing balalyka.
-bad accoustic guitar music that all sounds the same.
-alla pugacheva.
Russian: blyat, i went to T.J Maxx and rip off...i paid 2 dolla fo that has hole! they give me no discount nahuy!
by nyushenka November 21, 2006
a group who choose to log off
logoffski, disappearing instead of fighting, they are russian
by Sesom November 30, 2006
a definition on by a bunch of russian wannabes that spend their free time posting about something they only wish they could be.
russian4life and some more of these fagots
by D000der January 04, 2004

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