anything big
Jackson Curtis: That's a big plane.

Yuri Karprov: It's Russian.

FROM 2012
by Hi There :D July 18, 2010
Russian - noun

A person who solves all of his, or her, problems with Vodka, Tetris and Nuclear Missiles
Russians come from Russia
by rzhhhh November 22, 2011
Expression for a lesbian or group of lesbians used by straight people as "code" when they want to refer to someone that is a carpet muncher without being detected by the lesbian.
Rich: "Oh wow look at all those russians out there on the patio"

Todd: "Yeah somebodies muff diving tonight"
by Peanut M&M's August 01, 2009
Counter strike in a nutshell
God damn Russians again
by raggiebo January 02, 2015
To non-conviently do something. Similar to how Russia won the battles in WWII.
Give me a soup can, wires, and a hanger... I'm going to Russian up me a computer router.
by ninja288 July 05, 2011
"Russian" -A beast that would beat the shit out of anybody -Would beat the shit out of the teyler and deriek vance -Crumps and Bullets worst enemy
Russian is the shit and I will kneel to him and praise his presence
by Donfuckwitabeast May 16, 2011
Russian is a variant of beer pong played with completely full cups. For a 10 cup vs. 10 cup game played with 16oz. cups, this equates to approximately 15.5 12oz beers per side. If someone on the opposing team hits a cup on your side, you have 60 seconds to finish your cup. If you fail to finish your cup and/or vomit, both you and your teammate forfeit a round of shots and you must finish the remainder of your beer before you shoot again.

Due to the fact that cups are full to the brim, balls frequently "skip out". Occasionally, a ball will skip out of a cup and balance in the roughly triangularly-shaped space between three cups. This is called a Trifecta, and all three cups the ball touches must be consumed. The player who's turn it is to drink must drink two cups in two minutes, and his teammate must drink one cup in one minute.

Team are only allowed to re-rack with 6 cups or 3 cups remaining, and players must alternate which cups they drink (ie: if your teammate feels like may throw up, you can't take his next cup for him). When you hit the final cup, your opponents each take rebuttal shots on your remaining cups until they miss. Cups made via rebuttal must be consumed in the same manner as if they had been hit during the course of regular play.

If the rebutting team hits your final cup, a 4 cup vs. 4 cup overtime period is played. Overtime is played under regular rules, and the team that originally hit the final cup shoots first.
"Hey man, you wanna play pong later tonight?"
"Nah, fuck that. I wanna get wasted. Let's play Russian."
by GameOfTheGods October 13, 2012

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