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1. A person from Russia.
A. Russian Girl - Hot petite sexy girls that love sex.
B. Russian Guy - Usually connected to the Russian mafia which is more powerful and scarier than the Italian mafia, dresses sometimes similar to an Italian but without the 'sisters pants', wears a leather jacket and has thick Gucci chains around neck. Also usually drives S class mercedes.
2. A really smart person. As in chess, math, rocket science, programming etc.
2. Nice, Kasparov beat big blue again.
by RU April 05, 2003
1.Has balls to say what he thinks.

2.Able to go to school and get good grades and at the same time at night, to party his ass off.


4.Who hates americans who doesnt know what russia is but the first ones to talk shit
""ohh you dirty russian comunist""

wow gfg guys STFU.
by BOP March 11, 2004
A nation who still have some common sense and many of whom are educated well enough or are inquisitive enough to know facts about other nations, not prejudices. Sadly, the thing is mostly asymetric, for which reason some other nations (particularly those English-speaking) don't take the trouble of learning more about Russia of reality and live on ages-old prejudices about Russia, those prejudices being the ugly mummified thing that has survived since the times when people didn't have geographical maps and is still galvanized into life by lots of haughty journalists and people who often don't have any experience of Russia or don't think deeply enough before opening their mouth. Also, many small and unimportant facts about Russia are blown out to lead readers and listeners away from really interesting and important events and forming a distorted picture of Russia. To my mind, it's a form of racism. With which I'm personally fed up.
Russians are forbidden by law to wear bright clothes (if you believe it, you are one of those misled)
by Russian Oil April 08, 2012
A race of people whos country takes up 1/7 of the earths land and have vodka pouring from their household taps. If your drunk and think of something extremely stupid or ridiculous to be the first one to do - a russian has already done it.
"Watch out hes Russian!"
If you think that the joke "What do you call an attractive woman in Russia? a tourist." funny you are a sweaty potato and an anthony gillan and you can lick my sack because russian women are poon
by Sovereign November 15, 2004
1. Noun Am person form the largist country to follow Orthodox Christianity
by Anonymous September 21, 2003
If in the USA, an immigrant who drinks lots of vodka, wears flashy jewelery, fake leather jackets, curses at you in Russian during arguments, and (if male) generally has a crewcut. Typically spends 4 days a week drinking and 3 days a week hungover.

If male: Has a weird name, such as "Ivan" or "Arkady". Works in construction. Plays good chess.

If female: Has HUGE tits, yet still wears a push-up bra, which almost makes up for her attitude problem. Almost.
-"That Russian chick is stacked to high heaven!"
-"No doubt, my friend. Gimme a glass o' her fresh squeezed breast milk."
by corcan June 11, 2006
getting drunk on vodka
I've got a fifth of Popov and I'm about to get russian
by J. April 02, 2003