A joint that is rolled with the roach of a blunt on the end. The roach end is smoked first.
We didn't want to waste the roach so we rolled it in a joint to make a runt. Best...Idea...Ever!
by NinoNino November 19, 2009
When sharing a cigarette/joint/beer and one person is consuming and the other asks for their share; the one holding takes a longer than acceptable puff/drink and THEN passes it. Charitable in a self-serving way--a selfish bastard in other words.
Hey, can I get a drink?" "Yeah man," shotgunning most of the content. "Fucking runter, nevermind...
by dynamite pop rocks April 08, 2011
small and petit, not midgit or dwarf..just small
that girl is a runt. she is about 5'0"-5'4"
by kris hill clemons fujin February 13, 2005
in a townie crew or gang as it were the runt is the smallest and most insignificant person. Disliked by all the other townies he is just accepted as "being there," useful only for blaming and paying for beer to the townies. The runt will always try to get in on the conversation but always be partly ignored by the rest of the crew despite trying so hard. Usually aged between 13-15 you almost feel sorry for a runt as they should just try to get some real friends who don't treat them like shit unlike the cocks they try to hang out with (the opperative word being try).

related: see also townie
Runt:look boyz i have some new trainers the same as yours
Crew:shutup runt
Runt:erm who wants money for beer, don't worry i won't have any myself
Crew:alrigh' (takes money ignores runt still)
by DJ Pimpdaddy Superfly June 03, 2004
A term describing the point at which a cigar, or blunt can no longer be smoked. This is past the "roach" phase.
Ex. 1

"Man, I smoked it down to the runt."

Ex. 2

homie 1: "Man what happened to pass the blunt?"
homie 2: "My bad man, you still want it?"
homie 3: "No. It ain't nothin but a runt left."
by Mr. Reality Music February 21, 2008
A miss interpertation of runined
U gon be RUNT if you dont get home by 12
by Lexerz May 06, 2005
would generaly mean a spliff in literal form,tho could often be the abrieve of runtache,which covers prity much all forms of weed before the recting phase. see also,rect and rais.
"im gaspin man,i havnt had a runt all day". or, "yo,my dealers been busted. know anyone who can sort me some runt?"
by daVilse April 27, 2004
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