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a really unique and sweet person
"Girl, you really are a jewel for doing that for me!"
by mi March 03, 2005
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An extremely beautiful and sweet girl
Wow, shes a jewel.


Dang, look at jewel. she really is gorgeous. And cool too!
by lover x August 19, 2005
Most talented singer, songwriter, poet, guitar player, artist, inspirational person ever to live.
Jewel is amazing at anything she does.
by Shawn January 25, 2004
a man's balls
"The bigger the penis, the bigger the jewels."
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
The most beautiful and amazing person ever to live in this universe. And if you (Kody) have her as a girl you better keep her forever cause she is perfect and you are the luckiest guy EVER!!!
That girl is Jewels
by Ko317 August 23, 2009
Jewel= Goddess
Jewel is a Goddess.
by Shawn January 23, 2004
jew·el (joo-uhl)

In hip hop terminology, "jewel" holds multiple meanings:

1. A precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry.

2. A hot line or phrase used in a rap song.

3. A nugget of marijuana, also known as a "bud".

—Related forms
jew·el·like, adjective
1.) "Say that I'm foolish, I only talk about jewels/Do you fools listen to music, or do you just skim through it?" - Renegade, by Jay-Z

2.) "Nigga I know you well, all the stolen jewels." - Takeover, by Jay-Z

3.) "Left some jewels in his skull that he could sell if he chose." - One Love, by Nas
by Henry Krinkle January 03, 2008

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