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the physical action of turning the runtacheinto runt.you rect a runt in order to rais it.
"im recting a runt rite now". or, "have you rected that runt yet mate?...and dont forget to take all the fuckin seeds out this time mf"
by davilse April 28, 2004
the action of lighting up that fat one u just rected. the greatest phase of runting generaly...hense, you rect a runt in order to rais it.
"yo thanks man, heres that runt"
"nah man you know the score, you rect it, you rais it!"
by daVilse April 27, 2004
can be generalised to describe all types of weed in physical form.can be abrieved to runt or lenthened to runtachen,tho it is often specificaly refered to as a runt in spliff format. see also recting and raising
yo brother,pass me the runtachen.i need to rect pronto....its time to rais a runt
by daVilse April 27, 2004
when the process of recting has ended.the runt could then be described as to be in a rected condition.a runt is rected in order to be raised
"iv just rected the fattest runt ever,when i was recting it i tranced out and put all my runtache in it"
by davilse April 28, 2004
when the process of recting goes wrong (usualy concerned with rookies). the rectifier must then step in to control the situation and rectify the runt. essentialy, the rectifier rectifies a careless rect of a runt so that it is runtable.
"what the fuck, these skins have come apart!"
"good job they call me the rectifier then init rookie"
by daVilse August 03, 2005
the physical action of sparking up a runt.this occurs at some point after the recting phase,and just before the point of the runt being in a raised condition.
"thats a nice cone you got there hombre,bet youll enjoy raising that one mf".
by davilse April 28, 2004
the destiny of a runt is be raised,this could refer to the point when the runt is actualy in action, or when the runt is dead,and refered to in past tense.
-"have you raised that runt yet?"
-"i raised it about two hours ago fool".
by davilse April 28, 2004
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