would generaly mean a spliff in literal form,tho could often be the abrieve of runtache,which covers prity much all forms of weed before the recting phase. see also,rect and rais.
"im gaspin man,i havnt had a runt all day". or, "yo,my dealers been busted. know anyone who can sort me some runt?"
by daVilse April 27, 2004
The result of inbreeding.

Children conceived from sexual acts between family members are considered runts.
"Jason, oh fuck me big brother! I want you to fill me up!"
"Yeah my lil bitch sis, Imma make you squeal! Fart out my lil runt from your maggottous sloppy fuckhole! I hope it is a redhead. Stick your toes in my mouth"
by Cake 2.0 February 11, 2008
What starts as a rant ends up being very short and pathetic.
"Man I hate those guys so fucking much. "
"Well they don't act politely.."
"Is that it?"
"Also they uh..yeah"
"Great runt, buddy"
by nerphed May 11, 2006
Stupid candy that makes gay noises when dropped, and bounces in a sonar pattern
"La ta ta ta-ta-ta-ta-ta ta ta-ta said the Runt"
by Mac November 01, 2003
A cluster of cunts in an oven roasting on a stick while rotating
I was at Jewel yesterday and I saw a runt and I bought a cunt.
by Gordono October 15, 2004
a ceratin Alex Williams
April and Nadia both love runt, April goes runt-spotting every day
by boc, boc, boc on a tree November 30, 2003

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