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The art of completely raping the enemy team with vehicles in games such as Halo and Unreal Tournament 2004. Often linked with roadkill.

Also an announcement in UT2004, which is played if you squash an enemy in the Manta. This is where the phrase originated from.
t3h_sniper: "headshot j00 fag!"
Xan: "Die, bitch!" *squashes t3h_sniper*
by Kouen June 11, 2006
The art of whoring the Banshee vehicle in Halo multiplayer. Usually banshee whoring is used in an attempt to combat attacks from ground vehicles such as the warthog and ghost.

Usually, this tactic is used to counter the highly popular, and fucking hilarious, roadkill tactic, and in team games is often used as a form of vehicular manslaughter.

Unfortunately for the BW'ers, the Banshee sucks total ass, and is an easy target for the Warthog's rear-mounted minigun.
t3h_sniper: "hahahaha i iz got banshe try roadkill now biatch!"
DataLord: "suck minigun, fucktard!"
t3h_sniper got wasted.
Kouen: "banshee whoring. what a newblet."
by Kouen June 11, 2006
Anything that's not on your team in Halo when you get in a Warthog.

Also noted to cause several rather amusing side effects in the victims, such as ragequit, tantrum, retardism, and banshee whoring.
Kouen: "ROADKILL!"
teh_sniper: "wtf j00 fukin n00b j00 wan me over!"
Kouen: "well, maybe you shouldn't be such a fucking camper, and you wouldn't be such an easy target. tool."
by Kouen June 11, 2006

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