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A great move, mostly seen in football and basketball. The act of moving both feet sideways rapidly, confusing defenders as to where the player is actually going. In the NFL, superstars like Chad Johnson and Reggie Bush use this move often to avoid defenders. Look at any highlight reel, and you will see someone pull a one-over on someone using a stutter step. NBA stars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James use this move to either create some space between them and the defender to gain time to pull up for a jumper, or to put themselves in a position to drive for a lay-up.
Fan 1: Did you see Chad Johnson deke the shit out of Champ Bailey?
Fan 2: No, but I see Bailey walking over to pick up his jockstrap. How did Johnson get by?
Fan 1: Stutter Step. How else?
Fan 2: Oh, that explains Bailey's jockstrap getting deked right off him.
Fan 1: Fucking right.
by Tfolt October 02, 2007
A speech disorder where the person repeats words and hesitates when speaking. More prominent and common among people when they are:
a) Lying
b) Speaking in front of large audiences
c) Talking to someone intimidating
d) Actually being affected by an impediment or
e) Involved in a truly traumatizing experience that leaves them scarred for life, along with the bedwets.
Did you hear about Little Johnny? He saw his mom screwing the plumber, and now he's got a stutter worse than Porky Pig.
by Tfolt October 03, 2007
Primarily a saying derived from contact sports terminology. Refers to one player blowing the living shit out of another with a solid check, block or tackle. The recepient of said play is usually badly shaken up, from the sound of contact just as much as the actual contact itself. Conventionally, the player who delivers the blow is usually a bit bigger than the recepient. Hence the term "lowering the boom". Some people who have been known to lower the boom are Brian Urlacher, Dwight Freeney, Chris Pronger, Scott Stevens, and even Ben Wallace (one crazy ass motherfucker).
Brian Urlacher: Next time Marvin Harrison cuts into the centre like that on a square in route, I'm lowering the boom on that bugger

Ben Wallace: Foo! You think you gonna drop that fade-away on me, mofucka? Ima lower the boom on you evry time, punk ass foo!
by Tfolt October 03, 2007
The state of being a defender is in after attempting to tackle Larry Johnson. Larry Johnson is a beast, and will lower his shoulder and drive through any tackle. Anybody who comes in his path is sure to taste turf. This is not an opinion; it's a proven scientific fact.
Did you see that pesky little OLB try to bring down Larry Johnson? They need to bring the medics out now, cause he's roadkill.
by Tfolt October 02, 2007
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