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A philosophy or the actual physical act that demonstrates one's stupidity and statements thereof. onesided,tithead,
The asshole of a boss was preaching his regular spiel of bullshit which was nothing more than retardism.
by spikeB028 November 10, 2006
the state or condition of being dropped on your head.
that asshole got dropped on his fucking head. he has retardism
by Wills0 June 06, 2009
retardism (v.) one who acts retarded all the time.
that person has retardism.

that person has been diagnosed with retardism.
by funnies23 January 05, 2011
when people (mostly in schools) exclude others who act retarded and may have a sense of superiority over this group.
u see those guys over there? They believe in retardism. they think they're so much better than us... BUT THEY'RE NOT!!!
by Retardism November 04, 2009
describing something that is somewhat gay, obnoxious, and pointless.
David likes to share comments that are pure retardism.
by Jashie October 15, 2005
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