God dang tree loving hippies that made this bullshit up so as their precious tree's dont get smashed in half by some crazy drunk driver.
Swedish (hippies) couple traving in the desert with 1 tree in sight. So they drove straight into it, out of ignorance to get the road speed limit reduced at the sacrafice of 1 tree to save many more
by "Ben"© July 16, 2003
Yet another shitacular show on MTV.
Some Guy: I love MTV.
Sane Person: Blashpehmy!
by fedzMONKEY July 15, 2003
A crappy show about jackasses that have to live together and do, it doesn't matter its a lame show which for some reason has been partly copied by other even more crappy shows such as the Amazing Race.
Did you watch road rules last night? No, i'm not gay.
by someone that passed school July 14, 2003
a ballsuck show that didnt totally suck before "reality" tv began to get big.
damnit I'm sick of all of these reality tv shows "road rules" started this shit
by fuck road rules July 12, 2003
A MTV show shown on monday nights where six 18-24 year olds ride around in a winny, follow clues, perform missions, and reach a handsome reward.
Away Message= road ruling it (meaning watching road rules)
by Amy July 17, 2003
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