shut up else I'll run you down with my truck bitch
by SHUT THE FUCK UP! July 24, 2003
A show where a bunch of guys and girls do these crazy missions where they can almost lose their life....or a prize...or their pride...whichever.
Did you see Road Rules last night? Yeah Becky got hurt! Yeah, so everyone was pissed, coz like now she can't compete in the next mission.
by ~Moni~ July 23, 2003
Something that applies to everyone but yourself
Police: Excuse me Sir/Madam, but you weren't following the road rules
Driver: The what-who?
by Sinwah July 16, 2003
A stupid show on MTV where all these whining wussies have to complete missions or vote someone off that takes place in a certain country, like the '03 version Fiji. It's highly overrated.
That faggot Abe got kicked off of the show Road Rules because he started what was actually interesting-a fight.
by Kay July 14, 2003
a shitty reality television program which has spawned a whole race of reality television programs which are now consuming and ruining television as we know it. Considered a profanity.
Ted: shit man, that totally sucks a whole bunch.
Pat: yeah. road rules.
by pat July 13, 2003
Just stay out of my fucking way.
The Humungous of the Wasteland should have followed the road rules while chasing Mad Max.
by jam July 09, 2003
A horrible show that should be banned in all countries around the world except iraq, where its only legal for torture.
They killed the poor guy with road rules.
by BYOB August 02, 2003
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