a gang of faggot hippies who think they're "lucky" to be on a dumbass show.
yo, them bitches dumb enough to be on road rules
by big ugly August 01, 2003
A show on MTV that gets u very addicted...at the 10 spot!
I need to go home and watch road rules...
by molliness July 28, 2003
just about the worst show on MTV. Right next to Who's Got Game.
Did you watch Road Rules tonight?
Yeah it sucked!
by Anonymous July 24, 2003
One more dumb way that the government tries to control us.
Bush: "I think that we should have road rules so I cantrol these freaks even more than I already do."
by Bob July 23, 2003
A terrible show about a group of "Diverse" people wasting the prime of their life, while traveling/fighting/arguing/living in an RV.
God damn, road rules is almost as bad as real world.
by Steve the Dinosaur July 18, 2003
a tv show onmt that is way past its prime
On Road Rules, people are tools!
by allofit July 16, 2003
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