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to ride in a car while someone else drives
Person in car: I'm driving to the office right now, but I can't talk. I have to finish typing up this report.

Person on phone: While you're driving?

Person in car: Well I'm not DRIVE driving; I'm just driving.
by atds March 08, 2009
136 35
to have sex with
I wanted to drive that chick all night.
by Prominence7 March 29, 2009
69 51
when you talk about a person or something they have on.
Everybody is going to drive you if you come to school with your hair not combed.
by Da Queen March 12, 2006
27 25
to use, make use of, apply
Drive a computer, drive silverware, drive a a swimsuit
by LCAman March 07, 2011
25 25
Your over all mojo at any differnt moment
damn i lost my drive
by darkness89 February 03, 2007
28 29
(v.) To make a powerful (penile) thrust.

(v.) Maneuvre a car
Most people can't fucking drive, I'll shove thier licence up thier....exhaust.
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
47 49
Describes someone or something that is fly,saucy,fresh,cool and/or stylish.
Person 1: Bianca is so drive...she is the most popular girl in school.
by roddie March 10, 2008
19 26