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The main substitute for coke... both spend tens of millions of dollars on advertising a year and the effect is...
Customer: can i have a can of coke please?

Barman: sorry mate, only got Pepsi

Customer: that'll do!
by pat August 26, 2003
Some how people have seemed to confuse heaven with an old 20's movie. Has nothing to do with harps or our ideal place. It is a place to spend eternity with our Creator. It is completely perfect and there will be no pain or suffering, but only a perfect existence.
No, I'm not mormon.
Just for reference, hell sucks. In fact, it is a place of complete isolation with fire and crap. Somehow, people seem to think that they will have mass orgies and parties. Who got owned now?
by Pat April 02, 2004
The Akustsuki is an organization of 9 volunteer ninjas that always travel in groups of 2. Usually they are either rogue ninjas, or exiled out of their country.
Uchiha Itachi & Hoshigaki Kisame
by Pat March 31, 2005
A fast Nissan sports car in the legendary Z family. Considered the bigger brother of the Skyline. Powered by the 287 HP VQ35DE engine. Available in a roadster model as well. There has also been a rumor about a twin turbo 350Z as well.
The 350Z replaced all the Skylines in the JGTC
by Pat July 15, 2004
Kids (boys or girls) who follow the 2-tone subculture of Ska which emerged in the 1970s to promote equality and exceptance

see also Ska
Look at thoes Rude Boys in the skank pit
by Pat June 08, 2004
To be formally and officially fucked.

What Pat is on this test.
Bush proper fucked the States.

That u-haul just proper fucked that guy on his bike.

After missing his shot in the brick champion ships, Billy got proper fucked.

The legal system proper fucks minorites.

Rossy O'Donald proper fucked that snack bar.

The Romans proper fucked Jesus.

by Pat November 20, 2004
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