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n. 1) An Austrian corporation, known for it's fine pistols, though it also manufactures entrenching tools and knives. Glock pistols are unique in that they have no external safties, and are made with high-impact polymers - though they are 80% steel, and will set off metal detectors.
2) Gaston Glock, the company's founder and President.
3) Slang: An expensive-looking semi-automatic pistol.
1) The robbers pulled out Glocks and pointed them at the bank employees.

2) I had a chat with Mr. Glock.

3) "Yo' G, hook me up wit' 'dat Glock!"
"Actually, sir, that is a Sig-Sauer."
"'Dat be wack!"
by Spock July 13, 2003
A submachinegun manufactured by Israeli Military Industries, chambered in the 9x19mm parabellum cartridge. Variants include the Mini- and Micro-Uzis.
by Spock July 12, 2003
A firearm, usually a semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the 9x19mm parabellum cartridge.
Glock 17, Glock 18, Glock 19, Beretta 92F, FN Browning Hi-Power
by Spock July 12, 2003
Also carrier battle group. A group of naval ships assigned travelling together, centered around an aircraft carrier. A carrier group is typically commanded by a fleet officer - a commodore or admiral.
Vice Admiral Jackson was given command of the Enterprise's carrier group, assigned to the Indian Ocean.
by Spock July 13, 2003
n. Slang term for a firearm, especially an auto-loading handgun.

When the SWAT element came through the door, the drug dealer pulled his gat on them.

by Spock July 14, 2003
German for 'human balloon'
Look Fritz, The Borg Borg is trying to run. Ha ha ha - schnell Borg Borg, schnell!
by Spock May 07, 2003
A class of cruiser used by the United States Navy. It is equipped with a powerful SPY radar system and considerable anit-aircraft capabilities.
The USS Port Royal, an AEGIS-class cruiser, was assigned to the John Stennis' carrier battle group.
by Spock July 13, 2003
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