Someone who is proud of the south.

Who doesnt think you have to get dresses up everytime you go somewhere.

People of simple thoughts.

Their truck is their baby.

The dog they hunt with is family.

NASCAR is the number one sport in their world.

They know the meaning and have tasted good down home southern cooking.

Shoot anything that moves off the backporch.

Most of clothes in their closet is camo.

has atleast one black animal named nigger

Know what It means to get a truck STUCKKKK.

Talk about huntin year around.

belive that the south is like a whole different world.

Know what a country boy need to survive.

Live in a small town.

a tractor is a way to get around town.

atleast one or two walls in your house has something you killed haning on it for everyone to see.

FFA is a family event.

Fishing is a christmas tradition.

fitting all the trucks in your yard is a game.

your neighbors know not to call the police when they hear a gun shot coming from your direction.

You know what jeff foxworthy is talking about.

Their girl friend comes after the truck.

skoal rings make the jeans.

The only thing on there radio is country music.

People with many stories.....
"heyyy babbby....looky what I killed for ya"

Damn hunting dog aint good for nothing anymore...ohh well he can live on the front porch"

"Hey mama do you think that she'll like going fishing for the first date....wellll duhh of course she will...who doesnt"

"anybody seen my can of skoal"

"baby you sure do look good in camo"

"who says fishin shouldnt be a olympic sport"

"who dont like them one of them good ole redneck girls"
by morgiy August 04, 2008
REDNECK, an acronym for:

REDNECKs love George Bush almost as much as they love Jesus.
by Dagmar Geech April 17, 2007
Redneck is a lifestyle. not all rednecks are from the south, a redneck can be anywhere thats rural.not all rednecks live in trailor parks. most rednecks are literate and dont have sex with their family memebers. besides half of the royal family in th 1800s had diseases from incest. redneck should be defined as a glorious absence of sophistication. and yes i know wut redneck is because i am from alabama and i would consider myself a redneck but i can read, im not fat, i dont have sex with my cousins, and im not in the kkk.
youre going hunting? thats redneck
by true southerner February 18, 2006
People who live in Prattsville, Arkansas.
Since I'm a red neck I only ride two things a day, my John Deer tractor and my sister.
by someone0407 September 02, 2005
A hard working person from the Southeastern united states, mostly Alabama, Georgia, and parts of northern Florida. (usually refers to a male, but includes many women as well)

While the term is thought to be some-what of an insult, rednecks actually are proud of who they are, and take it as a compliment.

Usually thought to be stupid and classless, these men and women are actually some of the most intelligent and polite people in the world.

They live simple lives on modest incomes, and are very comfortable with who they are. A true redneck will never think about how another person will react to his or her actions. Rednecks like to laugh and have a good time, and are often very opinionated.

Rednecks are the nicest people you will ever meet. They'll cuss you out, and then literally give you the shirt on their back if you need it.

Redneck children learn from an early age to be respectful to their elders. Most are required to say "ma'am" and "sir" when speaking to an adult at all times.

Favorite activities among rednecks include fishing and hunting, among other various things to pass the time, such as watermelon seed spittin' contests.
When my family took a trip up north, I just KNEW everyone was thinking, "there goes a bunch of rednecks!"
by J_Leigh June 25, 2007
I've realized what a redneck is. It seems to be almost everyone who is either of not the upmost cultural and economic standing, or someone who lacks sophistication and tends to be rather simple, yet they work hard at the same time and stand up for what they believe in. In that case, almost all of us, including myself are rednecks from time to time. Midwestrn Soldier and myself would like to apoligize for being so hard on you all.
I'm a redneck myself from time to time.
by The Kentucky Yankee November 07, 2004
Okay, lets get something straight, theres a difference between a REDNECK and WHITE TRASH.

White Trash are people who...

1. are racist bigots who think acting intolerant and obnoxious makes them look good but doesnt

2. live in trailer parks with a rusty ass truck or old car
3. are general assholes who bang their cousins and are hated by most of the public

Rednecks and/or hicks and/or Good Ol' Boys are...
1. Generally kind, good people who just enjoy the little things in life which money cant give them(family, friends, etc.)
2. Like to work hard for what they have but are also known to play even harder than they work.
3. Live in a rural area NOT because they dont like the city but because they love the outdoors and the peace that comes with being out away from all the hustle and confusion of a big city.

4. Someone who is definitely not afraid to fight and stand up for what he believes in(especially if it envolves a woman) but at the same time knows how to treat people right.

Generally, they are compassionate, good-natured, hardworking, fun-loving people who just want to do what they want and dont mind working to get what they want.
Rednecks are usually nice to ALL people until they are given a reason not to be. Just get to know them and you will find they are good friends to have.
by Cowboyssuck December 08, 2010
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