Originally used as a term to describe a term to describe a white person who worked outdoors. The sun made his neck red.

This has become a slander for low class people who do not want the country taken over by minorities, liberals and non whites. These people are vocal with their opinions.
The red neck said: look at those lazy niggers on welfare!
by UncleSnake March 27, 2008
normally someone who lives in rural parts of the south, drives a jacked up 4x4 pick-up, spends the weekend hunting and/or fishin',wears boots and a fish hook on their camo hats. if anybody is racist it's white yankees. Us good rednecks despise the KKK. color of skin doesn't matter to us.
Gretchin Wilson ain't no redneck, she grew up in illinois.
by john wayne December 02, 2004
A term derived from a hard-working southern farmers who have sun-burns on their necks from working all day long in the sun. Some people from the northern states in the USA use "Redneck" as an insult, but is really a compliment from one farmer and/or southerner to another.
Most southerners are proud to be called a redneck, because anyone who calls them that has no idea it is a compliment.
by Kikk0man June 25, 2004
Southern cracker who proudly flies the confederate flag because they are too ignorant to realize the confederates were the losers.
Those red necks need to go back to school and learn to fly a real flag.
by Heather Foerster May 05, 2005
an offensive term usually related to farmers busting their asses to give the other americans food, and have a redneck from working in the sun.
also usually incorporated with a fat guy holding a beer, missing several teeth, having a broken down home, and holding a beer(i.e. Larry the cable guy)
and contrasting to popular beliefs, most of the people in Texas DON'T look like that
those Texans are all rednecks
by asfasd December 04, 2005
Rednecks are usually from small towns from the southern United States and the Midwest. A redneck does have to be a white person, but redneck are more often than not, white. A redneck can drive any kind of vehicle and they defend their favorite car manufacturer when talking. Many rednecks are conservatites and protestant or non-denominational Christians. A redneck does not have to be poor, in fact many are wealthy and successful, usually by owning their own business. A redneck usually enjoys simple things anything with wheels (usually trucks and sometimes big SUVs), hunting, fishing, mudding, and shooting guns. A redneck does not have to listen to country music all the time. I consider myself to be a redneck, but a redneck can also like things that no would expect he or she to like. I actually like metalcore, classic rock, punk, power pop/punk, rap, and southern rock, etc more than country music. Also, some rednecks have recieved a college education and as for me, I am going to have a college diploma in almost a year from now. Being a redneck has a lot to with interests and enjoying the simple things. I have a Ford Ranger pickup and I love that truck to death eventhough I messed the paint while trying to do body work. Also, many rednecks know to use the internet. Rednecks and way different than white trash and hick mean. These terms mean something horrible implying that such people are lazy, racist, and ignorant. Rednecks are not racist, but I consider racist white people white trash and I consider hicks to be severely misinformed people who share the same interests as rednecks. And yes, rednecks are not correctly defined and many of us have an open mind, but we also must remain faithful to our values. Every must hold true to what they believe is right, if we don't then we are being fake. I am a redneck but I will not brag about it because my identity is not a big deal. What I consider to be a big deal is keep our individuality and follow whatever religion we choose without fear on censorship. I am a Christian, but I think other religions should not be blocked because we would be hypocrites not to accept other beliefs.
If you have a four wheel drive truck with stickers on the back window, a Skynyrd cd in the cd player, dip or used to dip, fishing, and hunting, then all of a sudden people say you are a redneck. I say whatever because you might be missing out on a fun lifestyle that is pretty laid back.
by Jon K of the Peach State March 22, 2009
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