Usually from Southern States. Mostly joked about. True meaning would probably be like the earlier days before everything became so revolutionized. I probably have the most redneckess family of you all. But I try to hide it in public. Ahh, it just hit me... A buncha coonasses
dem dere rednecks done took over south louweeseana. Now dem dere rich folks cain't live in peace. Dem dang good for nuttin rednecks!
by Insane February 01, 2004
A group of people who constitute about 90% of the population of the United States and posses about 0.000001% of its intelligence.
When the rednecks go boating, the men are shirtless and drive the boat and the women lie at the front in their bikinis.
by Dr. Peppercrack June 02, 2010
Probably about 80% of the people in my town. Almost everyone is involved in sport hunting, rodeo, swearing, and smoking or chewing tobacco. Oh, and everyone one is related to each other in some way.
If you love hunting out of season and you accidentally date your cousin, you might be a redneck.
by Jada Skye October 29, 2006
white buk tooth people that mary each others relatives
Anna Nichol Smith
by michael Serrano September 20, 2003
People that live in particularly dry states who also vote Repulican.
Arizona is Pro-Republican! (Arizona is dry, therefore it is a habitat for red necks, therefore Arizona votes Republican)
by RyanTheRuler November 07, 2008
1. Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.
2. A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude.

synonym: cracker
Look at that redneck driving his rust-covered truck.
by illEATurHARTout March 11, 2004
Southern/Southwestern person who is racist,loves to hunt, and are stupid
The rednecks Henry Nixon,Daniel McCarty, and Charles Stuckey couldnt stop talking about how they couldnt wait till football season so they could "popp" those nigers across the line and then a girl walked by and Henry said nice tits and hed never seen her in his life. They all want trucks and love to hunt they were jeans, boots, button downs, and a hunting jacket everyday.
by Mrs.Vultex January 22, 2008

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