A culture centered in the deep south and midwest made up of people who enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as drinking, farting, and nascar.
My dad's side of my family are rednecks. They argue about beer.

Billy: Why the hell did u get lonestar light. Keystone light's way beter.
Sam: Keystone light went up to 17 bucks a case. Lonestar lite's only 10 dollars.
Billy: So, lonestar lite is nasty.
Sam: No, they taste the same.
Billy: Are you shittin me, lonestar lite tastes like pis water.
by scottydoesknoe November 03, 2005
1. A group of people that are generally from the south, though can be found throughout the US (upstate New York has an incredible amount of rednecks) That are generally uncivilized**, uneducated**, rascist**, enjoys the outdoor* sports (ie. hunting or fishing), enjoys country music*, knows how to work on a farm*, can fix their own vehicles*, laid back*, and knows how to make moonshine*

**. Tends to be those who live in the backwoods, and does not necessarily apply to all rednecks

*. applys to most rednecks, and almost all country boys
(Country Boy) Wooee brother, thems some real rascist rednecks over in Carter.

(Redneck) Amen man, them there rednecks real rascist, shoot ya even if ya white.
by Keairan April 30, 2007
n. (Rhed-nek-cs)
A person who defies the common English language with slang that makes 'ghetto black men and women' sound like something Harvard would crap out. An obsession with NASCAR and deer hunting, some southern people think it's "cool" to be a redneck, so they wear Dixie Outfitter and other bizarrely imbecillic things. The favorite combination is the dixie flag shirt and belt buckle, leather boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt or a cowboy hat.

I live with these wannabes. Their IQ rivals the numerical scale on such a large factor, California's earthquakes pray at night they can be as big. It's become a challenge to the english language to fathom their conversation techniques. They consist of three subjects:
1) Things that rhyme with beer
2) Cars without AC or radio
3) Blacks, mexicans, and educated peoples.

While they do defy all human logic on a galactic scale (Which they might think of as a fancy breakfast cereal), they deserve pity.
"Yous an idgit, you durn wetback!"
Myself: "I'm clearly white. Also, my accent cues my british decent"
"Deer! Beer! Fear!... Treer"
Myself: "You just rhymed Fear with Tree"
"Yous and yer fancy 'edjukayshin'"
Myself: "I'm sorry, that last sentance destroyed the remnants of my brain cells. Could you have someone translate from dumbass to understandable, for you sir are clearly fitted under the category of rednecks"
by Master-Penguin March 01, 2006
The idea of Redneck has been fraught with stereotypes, but a redneck is any relatively right-wing, lower/middle class person living in a rural area who has little or no regard for being overly sophisticated or formal. Contrary to popular belief, a person of any race or ethnic background can be a redneck. The only people who can't be rednecks are metrosexuals, members of overly glamorous subcultures, liberals, and male homosexuals.

Redneck is a subculture, but it's more of an ideology than a style. Thus, a redneck can be part of a second subculture as long as it isn't too glamorous. Subcultural members that can be rednecks include Metalheads, wiggers in some cases, and less fancy-looking punks.

Subcultures that cannot be redneck include Emo, Scene, Goth, the richer looking wiggers, and the more fancy-looking punks.

Common activities that rednecks engage in include hunting, fishing, riding ATVs or dirtbikes, shooting, etc. Pickup trucks are preferable for rednecks, though not essential. The Confederate flag is sometimes used to rednecks not to promote racism, but to promote Confederation, or weaker federal government.

Rednecks are the exact opposite of metrosexuals and city people. They are never afraid to express their views, and aren't afraid to get dirty. They also hate gangsta wannabes and are not intimidated by them.
City Gangsta: I went into the country and tried to steal stuff from this barn, but this redneck came out with a shotgun and told me to get the fuck out. I pulled out my switchblade and showed him my gang tattoos to intimidate him, but he just laughed.
by Ethan666 March 20, 2010
The only human species capable of drinking beer, beating their wife, and watching Nascar all at the same time.
dirka dirka red neck dirka dirka Jeff Gordon
by Pakidz December 07, 2006
Nascar, Mud boggin , Country Music, huntin , dirty ol trucks , ford , robin's donuts..

this may only apply to canadian rednecks;)
''It's alright to be a redneck, it's alright to drive around in a dirty old trucks, catch a bunch of fish and shoot a bunch of ducks '' - Alan Jackson

''I R REDNECK'' says my redneck mom.
by RedneckGirl May 04, 2006
Originally used as a term to describe a term to describe a white person who worked outdoors. The sun made his neck red.

This has become a slander for low class people who do not want the country taken over by minorities, liberals and non whites. These people are vocal with their opinions.
The red neck said: look at those lazy niggers on welfare!
by UncleSnake March 27, 2008

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