Southern/Southwestern person who is racist,loves to hunt, and are stupid
The rednecks Henry Nixon,Daniel McCarty, and Charles Stuckey couldnt stop talking about how they couldnt wait till football season so they could "popp" those nigers across the line and then a girl walked by and Henry said nice tits and hed never seen her in his life. They all want trucks and love to hunt they were jeans, boots, button downs, and a hunting jacket everyday.
by Mrs.Vultex January 22, 2008
The people living in Fowlerville, MI.
Wow, people who live in Fowlerville are such rednecks.
by yellow hazard March 03, 2009
Lets just say that you are one if you were seen cooking roadkill beef jerky on the top of the hood of your old tractor.
hell yes im a fuckin redneck, i fuckin make beef jerky
by BEEFJERKY, BIATCH February 16, 2005
a blissful abcence of sophistication
Earl: I'm frum alabamuh!
Hippie: dude totaly frozen cat fetus!
by K1llu2 May 08, 2004
What most people call a Redneck , he aint nothin but a workin man , he makes his livin by the sweat of his brow and the calluses on his hands , you intellectuals may not like it , but there aint nothin you can do , cause theres a whole lot more of us common folks than there ever will be of you
"What this world needs is a few more rednecks" by Charlie Daniels
by Texas Boy July 18, 2006
A person, usually from the south and caucasion, who is not ashamed of their heritage, has faith in God, hunts, fishes (can provide food and not have to be on welfare to do it). Down home, true, not fake and can spell unlike some people who submit!
That's a red neck girl driving that 4-wheel drive truck & hunting with her man.
by Red neck Diva October 07, 2009
redneck is a word That can be either used as a racial slur or a attack on someones Social ecconomic status.The Turm Originated In the 1500's In Yorkshire Engalnd It was a Class turm that was applied To the surf class.It was brought to the Americas and was used as the same kind of insult Because many Early Americans where from the Surf classes of England Such as Farmers/Laborers and Indentured servents
Back in the days a so called Gentelmen would be riding along in his horse cart with his collar shirt and see some poor slob slaving away on someone else farm a redneck for wearing no collar and call him a redneck
by Nlr718 February 05, 2008

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