A white person from the south east US who is either rasict, uneducated,poor, or all of the above. It was meant as dergotory but Jeff Foxworthy turned it in to a badge of honor. The word came from confedarte caol miners wearing red bandannas on there necks whil;e they worked NOT FROM A BURNT NECK.
Im not a redneck i didnt like the false definitions thoe. A good example of a redneck is Larry the cable guy.
by Clint..... January 31, 2010
adjective, noun. Word used to describe rural Americans or things associated with them and implies haveing lower standards of income and education. Includes but is not limited to those who live in the Appalacian Mountain Range, the Deep South, and the Mid West. Coined during the West Virgina Mine Wars were mine workers tied red bandanas around there neck as a form of uniform during mine strikes.
We don't want to drive by that red neck trailer park.

Jebb's a red neck from south Alabama.
by Lupinpanzer March 01, 2009
American person of the white race that generally comes from a rural background (though not always) who is non-college educated (or acts like it) and deeply resents any person from any group that is not his or her own. Tends to enjoy racism, four-wheel drive pickup trucks, guns, flag-waving, and ultra right-wing politics. A Redneck may also belong to an ultra-conservative Christian sect (non-drinking Redneck type)or white racist group. Rednecks almost always work in manual labor and tend to frequent Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shops, fundamentalist Christian churches, and small-town taverns.
Redneck: Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Dick Chaney, Toby Keith, Gretchen Wilson, Rush Limbaugh, Charlie Daniels
by WillySK September 10, 2008
A redneck is a country bumpkin who lives in flatter areas of the US like the Great Plains and coastal plains while hillbillies are people living in more hilly and/or mountainous areas. Rednecks and hillbillies aren't only found in the South, they are also found in the Northeast, Midwest, and West Coast too. In fact, Vermont which is a Northeastern state is made entirely of rednecks and hillbillies.
Rednecks are hard working people that are only made fun of by stupid nerds that sit on their computers and jack off to anime porn.
by supertexman February 01, 2008
One who believies in living the "simple life". Often confused with hick or white trash, rednecks tend to stay towards the civilized part of life. I know this this because I have been born and raised as such.
I'm a redneck, and I like it simple.
by Redneck English Teacher November 02, 2005
1. People who get a sunburn on there neck from working outside.

2. Southerners or Midwesterners, in the United States, who work hard.

3. Member of the rural, laboring class.

4. A complement
The redneck got up with the sun to start the day.
by Swarsfanatic May 10, 2005
A hard-working person who works on the farm. Not a bad word at all.
Equal rights, no privilages. NAAWP
by naawp July 30, 2003

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