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13 definitions by t12j19c95

Someone at any sporting event who always has to call the fouls, say the ref is wrong, or something similar even though nobody really listens to them and they don't have any idea what they are talking about. They think the ref is wrong about everything even though he gets paid to do it.
Soccer Mom-Oh, come on, that was such a foul!
by t12j19c95 May 20, 2009
A relationship usually between man and woman where they are old and mature enough to be having sex on a regular basis, but do not. This may occur for several reasons, but it is not considered an unsuc-sex-ful relationship if they do not have sex because of health problems. An unsuc-sex-ful relationship usually turns into an unsuccessful relationship because one of the adults who wants to have sex gets tired of sex deprivation, leading to random, pointless arguments.
"What happened between you and that other girl, I thought you guys were perfect for eachother?"
"Yeah well, it was an unsuc-sex-ful relationship."
by t12j19c95 July 27, 2009
Boobs on girls that are caused by them being fat, not by being girls. It has nothing to do with hitting puberty, but with being a fat lard. Usually the said girls like to wear shirts that hang down so you see their fat crack in between their boobs, which no guy likes at all. Some of these girls are really slutty and think everyone wants them.
Ew, dude, did you see that girl over there with her pig cleavage? She's wearing a shirt that should be illegal for her to wear.
by t12j19c95 May 28, 2009
The handle on the roof or up high on the side of a car on the inside that you can hold while going around really sharp turns, etc. but usually never use. When you do use it it is probably during something very dangerous, i.e. drifting around public roads or swerving around deer, and gets its name from the words you exclaim at the times you have to grab it.
"OH SHIT" I said as I grabbed the oh-shit handle when we were drifting around the really sharp turn.
by t12j19c95 June 18, 2009
When an adult forgets completely what they were like as a child, so they think no young teen ever swears, that they all want sex so shouldn't date, and care about some stupid jokes, because they forget that as a kid they did swear, they didn't have sex till much later in their life, and they hated those jokes.
Bob-I'm grounded for a week because I sweared in front of my mom.
Jimmy-Doesn't she realize that she swore just as much as us when she was 13?
Bob-I guess not, she probably has kid-term memory loss or something.
by t12j19c95 May 20, 2009
A response to a story told by someone else that is used to show that it might have been funny, but the way they tell it it doesn't sound funny at all.
Georges: "...and he was like "wait, we don't sell that here, nevermind!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
Geoff:(doesn't laugh) "Hmm, guess you had to be there."
by t12j19c95 March 24, 2010
A show that you watch when you are immobilized by sickness, broken bones, boredom, etc. that you originally don't watch, but becomes one of your favorite shows from watching it so much.
"Why are you watchin Everybody Loves Raymond, I thought you hated that show."
"I used to, but when I broke my leg it became an immobilization favorite."
by t12j19c95 December 16, 2009