Stereotype definition: A white person living in the south or midwest that dislikes minorities, enjoys nascar, hunting and sleeps with family members.

True Definition: A simple person living in a rural area, usually in the south or midwest who is hard working, hence the name redneck from being out in the fields working
I am from the North, New Jersey but I still know that most of the people in the south aren't like the stereotpe definition. A redneck is just a simple hardworking person, the other stuff is just stereotyping.
by Jersey Kid February 21, 2008
Anyone who hears a Jeff Foxworthy joke and says "damn right!"
Jeff Foxworthy- "You might be a redneck if deer meat is the staple of your diet." redneck-"damn right!"
by marshalljackson November 21, 2005
Hick, Someone from the south, and/or Me
The Redneck said "Er doin there sparky. Ya pick up need onea dem lift kits fa bogin?"
by Goob January 04, 2004
You don't have to live in the South of the US to be one, you don't even have to live in the US at all for that matter, you can be a redneck anywhere on this world, f.i. in Holland, as long as you live in a rather rural area, collect licence-plates, like cheap beer and want a Chevy Blazer, if you like at least some country-music and if you aren't too rich, you have all right to call yourself a dutch redneck, which we do...;-) An US-redneck-friend of mine will even send me a confederative flag, LOL.

Being a redneck is not necessary a bad thing, though it's used as an offensive word.
My dad calls us "island-rednecks", as we live on a remote island, but I never found out, if this is a compliment or an assault.
Proud to be a dutch redneck!
by sunny1 February 14, 2007
Scottish "Covenanters" or Presbyterians who rejected the Catholic and Anglican churches to signify their status as Covenanters adopted wearing red neckerchiefs. They were soon called “red necks.” These same Scots immigrated to the region around Ulster Ireland and finally the new world in the American Colonies. Their descendants inhabited most of the southern and rural places of the United States.
"Angus McDonald has renounced the pope and become a red neck!"
by logibear64 January 14, 2009
A person with the lifestyle of beer, sex, and parking trucks on the front lawn.
Look at that redneck with his beer.
by Joe Lottner February 28, 2009
If you get your nipple bitten off by a beaver, you might be a redneck.
If when you walk your dog you both use the tree in the corner, you might be a redneck.
If someone ever told you that you're lying through your tooth, you might be a redneck.
If someone tells you that you have something stuck in your teeth and you take them out to see what it is, you might be a redneck.
If you think N-Sync is where your dirty dishes are, you might be a redneck.
by Zack April 16, 2005

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