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An organisation noone know really exists that is very useful for putting the blame on someone whenever whoever kills civilians. Usually responsibility for attacks is claimed "on a website in Italy" "by phone" etc. and no proper translations are being provided for the claims and the websites usually disappears just as quick as they appeared. As noone knows if they really exist, it is difficult for them to say they didnt do it though (no they dont have a PR manager, but most of the other properly evil guys do have PR divisions)
Hey, we need some new tough laws and an invasion in a random gulf country. Let's blow up some people and say Al Quaeda did it...
by ingo77 July 09, 2005
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terror network responsible for wtc bombing, us embassy bombing in kenya and tanzania, 9-11
jake:ey ned ned: yea? jake: ever heard of al- quaeda ned: yea those damn muslim extremists fought back against us
by weathrguy May 22, 2010
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