A hard-working person who works on the farm. Not a bad word at all.
Equal rights, no privilages. NAAWP
by naawp July 30, 2003
Not to be confused with white trash and hillbillies.
enjoy hunting, fishing, camping and other recreation.
are hard working people who do the jobs nobody wants to do.
do not have sex with blood relatives. -hillbillies.
do not all live in trailers or shacks.
do not decorate our front lawns with garbage and broken toilets -white trash.
are racist against douche bags who look down at us because we wear hunting clothes as casual clothing, and proudly drive our gas guzzling american cars.
are not to be fucked with.
enjoy drinking beer, not that pussy ass light beer shit that is just piss water. Only fags and women drink it!
hate going to mechanics plumbers electricians and contractors, since we know how to do that stuff ourselves for half the price.
hate new technology such as smart phones and ipads. Only fags buy it to attract other fags and act smug about it.
throw mc donalds shakes at the front windshields of retards who text and drive.
don't all drive our old pick up trucks and pre 1990's era american cars because we can't afford new ones. Most of us still drive them because we actually know how to fix them and don't want to spend over $40,000 on a new piece of shit that's mostly made of plastic and beer can material which was probably shipped here from japan, china, and mexico to be assembled here so they can rust away and fall apart in 3 years. So shut the fuck up with your 5 star crash test rating and "sleek styling.
dick: "Why don't you go home and have sex with your grandmasistermothercousinaunt you stupid redneck."
redneck: "Fuck you, those are hillbillies you jackass."
dick: ":8"

faggot: "Why are you still driving that old tank? Are you poor or something?"
redneck: "No."
faggot: "You should buy a toyota prius. It is eco friendly and made in america."
redneck: "That car is a total gay magnet, and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing american about that piece of shit. It's shaped like it could be some sort of anal sex toy and if you bring that thing on my property again, I will squash it like a bug with my 78 chevy. You will catch me with a dick in my mouth before you catch me driving that. REDNECK 4 LIFE!
by A WHITE GUY August 20, 2013
The term redneck came from The West Virginia Coal Miners in March (1921) when the coal miners wore red bandannas around their necks to identify themselves as seeking the opportunity to unionize and when they fought at the Battle of Blair Mountain.
by KentuckyBoyBornandraised July 09, 2009
Comes from coal miners from West Virginia and Kentucky towns that were sick of the way they were being treated and converged on one town that required unions. They were called "rednecks" because most people participating in the march tied a red bandanna around their neck to signify their cause, much like wearing the pink ribbon and yellow bracelet for cancer.
I'm gonna walk with that redneck over there, he has the right idea. Down with the coal barons!!!
by ZZZaK July 22, 2008
the guy who empties his chemical toilet into your front yard
Look at that guy emptying his chemical toilet into my frontyard.
He must be a redneck
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
Guys who wear tight Wranglers and drive big jacked-up trucks, Skoal rings in their back pockets, and can ride and rope anything!! Girls who wear tight Wranglers, drive big jacked-up trucks, and fall for these cute guys! Their idea of fun is goin to the Rodeo or mud boggin'. We don't have bling-bling cuz we have our looks and personalities to get bf/gf's.
~You're just jealous cuz you're not a redneck!
~Gretchen Wilson
~FORD Trucks
~Forget the Bull, ride the cowboy!
by CountryCutie May 18, 2005
An inbred, conservitive, white, bigoted, farmer from the deep south of america.
How do you circumsize a Red-neck?
Kick his sister in the jaw
by Gosu 117 July 05, 2009

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