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a kind fella from a place there aint no damn city traffic or city people that cant drive. we dip, we drive our big rusty trucks too fast, we drink beer, we drink beer while driving our rusty trucks too fast, we go muddin, fishin, real campin, not in that RV shit, hell ive wiped my ass with tree leaves. we have common sense and are able to fix anything on our own. Unlike dumbass city people who need to call some expensive Tech. to come work on your shit, cause ur too dumb to know that you broke it yourself. Ill tell ya what, thats a redneck Im a proud one of em
city folk- my tires flat! What should i do?
Redneck- fix that damn tire you lazy dumbass!

This is a true story right here, i was with a city folk.
It was about end of sept.

City- "this farmer better start watering their fields, the corns all dyin"
Red- umm its harvest season you dumbass city folk

by estay October 04, 2006

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