a coffee with an extra shot of espresso
bleary red-eyed college kids drink red-eyes around finals time.
by minghi May 31, 2003
Moronic, pretentious, self important ass hole journalist. Writes for Edge magazine. Thinks he is god, but his words are complete garbage. TWICE he has insulted serious hardcore gamers, and for that the hardcore should rise and hang him from gilded meat hooks until his balls rot off.
That Redeye is such a pretentious ass, he keeps insulting our hardcore gamer brotherhood. He must die! Hey, you wanna go play NeoGeo? Yah, we the hardcore video gamers of the world ROCK!
by Hardcore video gamer December 29, 2004
It's where you give your lady friend a Hickey on her booty hole
"My boyfriend gave me a red eye last night and now it feels weird to sit down
by ManWhxre August 01, 2016
Ejaculating in you're own eye, causing it to hurt a lot and sting, then after a while turning red.
Me: Bob, yesterday I was jacking off and I Red eyed myself.
Bob: Oh shit!
by XxMtnD3wxX March 07, 2015
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