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1) An alternate way of spelling "You're" or "Your."

2) An alternate way of saying "Yes."
1) Yer the dumbest mofo out there.

2) Guy 1: You like pancakes?
Guy 2: Yer.
#yes #your #you're #net spelling #alternates
by AC January 15, 2006
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Aussie slang for "yes". Used by lower class Australians. Common amongst teenagers in the city of Canberra.
"Can I come with you to the candy shop?"
by Scott March 08, 2005
For intelligent people that don't give a flying fuck about correct english or grammer..
Yer an asshole so go fuck yerself with yer baseball bat..
a hood form of a greeting
"yer wuss gudd" " yer niggaa"
#yur #yerr #yer #hood #greetings
by daryl rashad June 10, 2008
Replacement for either your or you're. It's meant for people who can't tell the difference between the two.
Yer good, but don't let it go to yer head.
by Xenolith February 15, 2004
A word meaning yes or the term "ye"
Guy-did you go to the movies last night?

other guy- yer man yer
#yes #ye #yeah #ya #yah
by yer dog June 21, 2011
A sarcastic reply that one uses when they want to convey disapproval of something.
"Hey, you love this type of music don't you."

#sarcasm #no #yeee #satire #yersss
by Mario_1up August 13, 2006
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