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It's when you get so drunk that everything starts to look good.

See coyote ugly
You slept with that chick? Damn, you must have been wearing your beer goggles that night.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
A dirty wilson has been committed when you snort cocaine off a hooker's taint.
Yeah dammit, we were just sitting there and he bent that whore over and gave her a dirty wilson. Right in the bar, it was unbelievable.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
Sexually insecure... you think he might me an ass bandit, but you're not sure.
I just don't know about Ben.. he's such a cheesecake.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
The burning, yet satisfying, sensation you sometimes feel after taking a steaming dump
My god... my ass damn near exploded. I know I sure as hell blew up that toilet down there. I got a serious redeye at the moment. My ass keeps clenching too, like I'm still trying to pinch one out.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
What you see right after you bust a nut.
After it sits for awhile, it ceases to be hot anymore, and therefore becomes a cumbeard
Yeah I busted a hot load right on his cumbeard. He almost looks like a mountain man now, but it's sperm instead of ice.
by Creamy Beaver July 06, 2004
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