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It's when you're doing a girl from behind, but she's too loose, so to get her to tighten up you zap her in the side with a cattle prod.
Anyone who tries the ranch hand with their girlfriend will probably not have a girlfriend much longer.
by Crazy B January 09, 2005
the hand you use to jack off and get your cum or sperm on.
I don't really have a ranch hand
by lazyassloser April 05, 2004
When you use ranch salad dressing or ranch seasoning mixed with lotion as lube for a hand job for a zesty feel
Jenny: Why does your dick smell like ranch salad dressing?
Mike: I got a ranch hand earlier.
by AyCowboy June 08, 2014
someone who helps around on the ranch. someone who uses their hands to do work, on a ranch.
eh, him? he's justa ol' ranch hand.
by Ferryn Maxwell April 02, 2004
a really good handjob or fingering
someone who works on a ranch part or full time
i got a ranch hand yesterday
by angel face April 10, 2004
Ranch Hand- dual meanings. literal- rancher's assistant. Also a brush or cow guard for the front of your pickup. It is often used as a "follower of a crowd".
You would think ol' Billy was Pete's ranch hand the way he tugs on Pete's shirt
by Tick April 01, 2004
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