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adjective used to describe someone that has done something gay.
You got on a pink shirt!? You ol' zesty ass nigga!
by someonecool346 April 11, 2008
1. fun, active and sexy

2. an energetic outlook on life

3. good clean fun
1. Maude: It's a male myth about feminists that we hate sex. It can be a natural, zesty enterprise. -The Big Lebowski

2. I'm feelin so zesty today!

3. Boy A: I'm going to jump in the shower, clean myself up and then we can go to the park!

Boy B: Yay! We'll have a zesty good time walkin the puppies!
by 365daygirl February 07, 2010
When a man dress, acts, or has very gay mannerisms. Usually when a guy does something very suspect, such as a pose, wear's something that suggest he may like the tube meat, or says something that suggest me like's tube meat, that means he's zesty.

Lets say, if one of your friend's who seems to be straight get's caught doing a very feminine thing, mannerism, or doing pose in a picture or something usually reserved for women, that makes him zesty, he's doing a zesty thing.

Being zesty such as wearing jeans that are too tight, shirt too type, or just spontaneously limp wrist. That means he's looking and doing zesty things.
Guy 1: Hey bro did you see this picture of Mark?

Guy 2: No, why?

Guy 1: He's doing a feminine pose and looks like he has on lip gloss.

Guy 2: Damn... he looks extra Zesty
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI April 29, 2011
The art of looking sexy, while still smelling somewhat good.
Ooo dayum... That is one Zesty mother fucker.
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
Cool; more than acceptable in social terms.
Typically used negatively.
Dude, that was not zesty.
by Res December 22, 2003
The way my advisor describes someone who looks and dresses like they could be gay or homosexual.
my advisor: (watching a music video) Have you ever noticed the way Ne-Yo be dressin' with his vests and fedora hats? He looks awfully zesty to me...
me: You are so wrong for that!
by IAmSheWhoMustBeObeyed May 10, 2009
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