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The Mexican/puerto rican/cuban/south american way to say balls
I'll rip off yo cajones
by lazyassloser April 03, 2004
kick ass dwarfed humans. Do not piss midgets off because they will kick your ass and you know it.
I am a midget
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
Unlike what most people think a gangster is, a gangster is usually a white person in the mob. This term is also synonomyous with mobster. Gangsters usually hate the feds and in the golden days they bootlegged drugs but mainly alcohol and robbed banks. they had massive gunfights and had the nice sedans. Gangstas are the black ones in so cal popular in the early 90's. Even if you are black you must admit that white people are the best criminals.
Bonnie&Clyde, Al Capone, Jon Gotti, Pretty Boy Floyd, all were white and the biggest criminals to ever live. So bloods and crip that bitch.
by lazyassloser January 07, 2005
what most midgets or short people are.
I am vertically challenged.
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
a something, a thingymajig,a watchamacalit,a doo dad, a habba whatsa, a do hickey. The word that replaces a noun that you cant think of at that certain moment.
hand that thingy.
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
A woman that can be ugly or hot and pimps herself to basically anyone. A woman that has had sex a lot usually has a child or two from a one night stand.

also known as a tramp,prostitute,slut, and bitch
Hey I just got head from a ho
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
A man who does whatever his woman says
My friend gage is whipped
by lazyassloser March 25, 2004
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