the residue left in a crack pipe
hey can i push your pipe
by agirl November 02, 2003
Top Definition
Moving drugs from one location to another.
"I pushed that softwhite from her crib"
by hustler August 04, 2003
Pray Until Something Happens
I just got a P.U.S.H wristband.
#push #wristbands #wristband #prayer #christian
by pixie.jen January 08, 2006
Slang for drive.
I think I'm gonna leave the coupe at the house and "push" the Rover.
by Red October 09, 2003
To bet all of your remaining chips or money on a single hand of poker.

To go all in.
I pushed all in with pocket cowboys.
#poker #gambling #poker slang #betting #wager #all in
by phoenix 1997 December 20, 2010
a girl you're trying to get, a honey you're trying to bag, a shorty you want to knock, a girl you really like and want to pursue.
Yo, man, you know that's my push. Why you trynna bag that? I thought you was my boy.
#push #girl #attraction #attract #possible girlfriend
by G. Thompson[GLN] April 01, 2008
Pray Until Something Happens
My life's fcked up, but I'm gonna p.u.s.h.
#pray #until #something #happens #p.u.s.h. #push
by keepthefaith January 20, 2009
Push- as in being on the push as opposed to on the pull on a night out.
Basically this consists of rejecting men/women that hit on you in hilarious ways.
Chat up line: "So what do you do for a living apart from being hot?"
You, being on the Push would reply: "Eat men/women's souls and sacrifice their reproductive organs to Baphomet."
#push #close #pull #on #the #flirt #chat #line
by SimmieV March 25, 2013
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