Talkin about how hard an amp can make subs hit
Yeah that memphis is pushin them 12's pretty hard.
by Blazer 2-5 October 30, 2003
an old sydney slang word for a street gang
"And I tag along in the boozing throng, the Push from Woolloomooloo." - Woolloomooloo Lair (folk song)
#sydney #woolloomooloo #push #larrikin #lad #lads #gang #street gang #australia
by balaralaroo February 03, 2010
The direct order given to a subordinate by a higher authority to assume the push-up position and commence pushing.
"Fucken maggots, I ought' to beat the shit out of you, now PUSH SHITHEADS, PUSH, BEAT YOU'RE FACE!!!!!
by Jona November 10, 2003
pray untill something happens
nice nice
by jrockguitarist May 21, 2003
: a really bad movie.
Tim: "Naw... I dont see movies that have an a noun for a title."
#jumper #jump #pull #vagina #pop-culture
by lolkbye June 25, 2010
(adj.) Super cool, or desirable.
I love her outfit! Those purple pants are so push.
by george it is July 09, 2004
Abbreviated form one of two phrases:-

Please Use Soft Hands


Phuk U Shit Head
P.U.S.H. tattooed on a cock means one of the abpve to a mand and one to a woman (depnding on how the owner swings)
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
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