10 definitions by hustler

Possessing drugs to sell
"You got any softwhite?" "Yea, im holdin"
by hustler August 04, 2003
Having drugs to sell
Yea im holdin' also see holdin
by hustler August 04, 2003
Moving drugs from one location to another.
"I pushed that softwhite from her crib"
by hustler August 04, 2003
lets do it, lets go
U wanna fight? up with it!
by Hustler March 24, 2003
Gangsta. From the streets. Always gettin their hustle on. One who keeps it real. Someone that doesn't let "the man" hold them down.
Scott is the hardest man on earth. That nigga keeps it real all day, everyday. "Wu-Tang"
by HUSTLER March 01, 2006
Crack cocaine in powdered form
I push that softwhite in the streets
by hustler August 04, 2003
Person who is a mark ass trick
Joe is so soft he's melting
by HUSTLER March 12, 2005

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