Verb meaning to push past the enemy defence line in a game. Pushing is usually done on a ''lane'', a path on which the attack is done and that enemy tries to defend.

Counter-pushing is sometimes done by the defenders after a failed pushing attempt. It is basically a counter-attack made by the former defenders, usually on the same lane.
Damn! We're getting pushed on the middle lane!

Guys! Let's all push the top-left lane!
by Eljmaster July 15, 2010
(v.) To void feces from the bowels.
Eia - I'm taking a huge push.
by LiuAfina September 24, 2008
the action of an iPhone application bringing a specific alert to your phone.
Boxcar is an app that pushes Twitter mentions and direct messages right to your iPhone.
by lisageek September 17, 2009
To sell something.
Usually drug's.
"Have you been pushing much weed lately?"
by Diego July 18, 2003
Making the humping motion on top of someone, whilst keeping your pants on... (AKA - dry humping, levi lovin, jean jammin, scrogging, zipper sparking, hot beef press, dry farming, etc...)
John Peter: So i totally made out with Rebecka last night!
Dan: Did you push?
John Peter: Yeah, i pushed her raw.
by Stymie Rochester III September 12, 2010
n. A concentrated attack.
v. To perform a concentrated attack.

Used in cooperative multiplayer games (especially DotA).
1. That push fucked up our base.
2. Everyone push middle.
by T_Dizzle November 07, 2005
To continually return a tennis ball without ever attacking during a match.
Johnny pushes like a girl and he's frustrating as heck to play against.
by Bill April 08, 2004

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